9 thoughts on “Cartoon: Lab Rat Gets Even

  1. Tim Kreider says:

    cue Dr. Crislip with a Hitchhiker reference

  2. kausikdatta says:

    And how did the scientist react?

    * Pinched the tail, and checked the corneal reflexes by poking at the eye * – time for the CO2 chamber or cervical dislocation?

    Lab rat thought running the maze is better!

  3. Doazic says:

    We’d run rats through the maze 137 times over and over to see if they all die on the 138th run.

  4. kausikdatta says:

    Seriously, though… I have tremendous respect for those that work with rats. Those beasties are nasty and huge!!

    I am happy with my mice… :D

  5. Calli Arcale says:

    Nasty? I used to keep rats as pets. They’re actually quite nice as pets, and they’re actually surprisingly tidy, grooming themselves and also keeping their living spaces as clean as possible. But they are smart, and may be able to escape some enclosures. They’re also big enough to deliver a very painful bite, so I can see why you’d rather work with mice. ;-)

    But if anyone’s considering a pet, I do recommend rats.

  6. mckenzievmd says:

    I second the pet rat notion. Cute, affectionate, trainable, and at least the girls don’t smell too bad. :-)

    Brennen McKenzie, MA, VMD

  7. Zetetic says:

    I can echo that rats can be great pets! They are relatively clean, quiet and can be almost affectionate. If handled gently from an early age, they are very amenable to human contact. I had a couple of rats over my junior high & high school years, some were taken home after non invasive science experiments in biology class. The females were the best – but most of the males were nasty!

  8. Harriet Hall says:

    This reminds me of a cartoon I saw years ago. It showed a line of dead rats, each labeled with what killed it – things like toxins, air, water, etc. The last one was labeled “Sex” and was the only rat with a smile on its face.

  9. friday says:

    The best experiment rats ever pull on me is when I open the cage, the “Run, Jump out of cage like Evil Kenevil jumping 30 cars, run around room, run around room, run around room” experiment.

    After my expletives…I hear a rhythmic sound… kinda a murmor…

    I listen closely…The rats who are watching nearby chant quietly. I can just barely make out the words…”Dance, Human, Dance! Dance, Human, Dance! LOLS! Watch the human dance!.”

    My hands are waving…I am side stepping back and forth…I am crawling on all fours…I bump into things…pain is usually involved in this process…

    When it is over, can hear the rats talking about their experiment, their observations, and ways to improve the experiment next time.

    This has happened with rats that are bein played with a lot. Open cage=PLAY TIME to them!


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