Coming to an emergency room near you in 2030?

I’ve frequently lamented what might happen if the current trend towards quackademic medicine continues unabated, and quackery becomes fully “integrated” with science-based medicine as a co-equal. Interestingly, this concept has provided fodder for several comedians. For example, the first comedy sketch I discovered on this theme was homeopathic e.r. Then a couple of years ago, Mitchell and Webb brought us the British version of essentially the same idea (but done so much better), namely Homeopathic A&E. What I didn’t realize is that predating both of these was…Holistic E.R. (Embedding disabled, unfortunately.)

This sketch comes from an old sketch comedy show known as Almost Live!, which I had never heard of before, but if this sketch is any indication, it was brilliant. Favorite bits from Holistic E.R.: The part about vitamin C, the use of visualization, and, of course, the crystals. Sadly, with the way academic medicine is being infused with quackery such as energy healing, homeopathy, and even anthroposophic medicine at my medical alma mater, I could see this happening within my lifetime.

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6 thoughts on “Coming to an emergency room near you in 2030?

  1. Chris says:

    Almost Live is where Bill Nye and Joel McHale got their start.

  2. aeauooo says:

    My Almost Live favorite was “The Lame List”

    One of many:

  3. splicer says:

    2030! That’s Numberwang!

  4. Chris says:

    aeauooo, the “Lame List” was often hit and miss! Though that was classic. Are you going to be at the Blue Star Cafe on Tuesday?

    Yes, I am the one called “Chris” by Case. I may be arriving late.

  5. aeauooo says:

    @ Chris

    Thanks – I live in Tacoma and don’t get up to Seattle very often.

  6. Newcoaster says:

    That was a good bit which I’d never seen before either. The Mitchell & Webb is still my favourite though.

    I’ve worked as a full time urban ER doc earlier in my career, and still do 6 shifts a month as a rural family doctor. It’s my impression that ER is the branch of medicine least likely to succumb to the charms of woo. Family practice unfortunately is probably one of the most susceptible and I have a handful of colleagues into acupuncture, Healing Touch, EFT and even one into crystals…sigh

    In ER we really do deal with life and limb threatening problems and things that don’t work are thrown away. There is no time for bullshit in the ER. For example, though still a staple of TV medical shows because it looks dramatic, we haven’t pumped out the stomachs of overdose patients in years, because the data showed it didn’t work, and probably caused more harm than good.

    I can only recall one ER doc who was a bit into the woo…and that was only chiropractic for his recurrent low back pain. He was always a bit sheepish about it, and admitted that subluxations are nonsense, but it “worked” for him.

    So, while it makes for a good comedy sketch, I don’t think we will ever see an Alternative ER.

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