Podcast Interlude

I’m traveling this week, checking out pharmacy practice internationally, and looking for signs of science-based medicine. Instead of a post, here are the links to two podcasts I recently recorded that will be of interest to SBM readers. Sit back, press play, and enjoy.

Point of Inquiry: Dispensing Skepticism

I recently spoke with Karen Stollznow for the Point of Inquiry podcast. This discussion focused on the role of the pharmacist and the need for science-based pharmacy practice. We touched on a lot of issues including the changing role of the pharmacist, the ethical responsibilities of pharmacists when it comes to products like homeopathy, what compounding pharmacies do, what generic drugs are, what an expiry date means, what pharmacists think about vitamins and other supplements, and more. You can listen to the podcast here.

Skeptically Speaking: The Common Cold

I was recently the guest of Desiree Schell on Skeptically Speaking, where we spent an hour discussing the prevention and treatment of the common cold. You can listen to the podcast, and I’ve compiled a long list of related links and references on cold treatment for your reading pleasure too.




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One thought on “Podcast Interlude

  1. Janet Camp says:

    Yesterday I saw homeopathic eyedrops (Belladonna 6x) at Walgreen’s. Box said, “according to homeopathic principles….”. I shoved them all to the back and behind the next row of product. They were made in Switzerland! I would have complained to the pharmacist but in the past I’ve only got a pitiful bleating of, “I don’t like it either, but it’s not up to me….” from them. Of course, at Whole Foods, you’d get, “we like to let people make up their own minds”.

    Pharmacist’s Unite! Do something!

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