The New Plague

I’m taking this opportunity to introduce a new blog to the SBM audience, and to draw yet more attention to the growing and dangerous trend of parental vaccine refusal. So, please take a momentary break from your perusal of this most esteemed font of knowledge, and point your browser to Gotham Skeptic.

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5 thoughts on “The New Plague

  1. James Fox says:

    It appears that the Gotham Skeptic website has a malware add infection they need to clean up.

  2. pmoran says:

    Why would a lay person NOT seriously consider the possibility that autism is connected in some way to vaccines?

    Autism rates seem to have risen dramatically over about the same period that many more vaccines are given to children..

    Mothers report that their apparently normal children deteriorated abruptly upon receipt of a vaccine.

    Doctors might reasonably be expected to minimise the risk of serious but rare complications of vaccines.

    What else in the environment has changed to a comparable degree in vaccine using populations?

    We are told it is mainly genetically determined, but how, also, would that explain an increase in otherwise fairly genetically stable populations?

    Scientists have no other plausible reason for such a rise.

  3. pmoran says:

    That last post was a misfire. I was trying to home on why we have this problem. Better understanding of the public mind might suggest better ways of countering anti-vax dogma.

    I think personal perspectives such as John Snyder’s are excellent and help foster public trust.

    That rising autism rates are mainly illusion is a difficult concept to get across in a few words, or even to prove.

    We should make sure that people know that “despite what you may have heard”, when the ;lawyers for supposedly vaccine-damaged children chose their three best test cases, in two of them there was evidence of mental disability preceded the vaccinations held to be at fault and in the third there was also no clear temporal association.

    That’s all I’ve got.


  4. skepsis says:

    Sweden mid 18th century mortality rate for children aged 0-7 of circa 1250/100000 .

    Sweden about 1950 at onset of antibiotics use and polio vaccination etc 50/100000.

    This was due to clean water, improved living conditions and better food access. Variola vaccination just decreased variola mortality, but other disease replaced that win.

    So no not immunising children won’t cause any new plague. Unscientific staement is what it is. Science based medicine my a…

  5. skepsis says:

    I forgot

    So no not immunising children won’t cause any new plague, just increase morbidity.

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