Welcoming a new blogger to SBM

It is my pleasure to announce the addition of a new SBM blogger. Impressed by his dedication to applying scientific principles to the profession of pharmacy, we have recruited Scott Gavura, who is currently best known for his work on Science-Based Pharmacy. You can find out a bit more about his background at his new page on SBM, and his first post is scheduled for Thursday, May 13. In the beginning he will be posting approximately once every four weeks.

Please join me in welcoming Scott to the SBM team.

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14 thoughts on “Welcoming a new blogger to SBM

  1. steveisgood says:

    I’m glad for Scott, and for SBM, but I will curse the name Gorski for poaching my people, Captain-Kirk-from-Star-Trek-2-style. GORRRSSSKKIIIII!

    Just kidding. Scott will be a great addition to this team, and I’m confident this arrangement will work to the benefit to SBM, Scott, and to the readers.

  2. Anarres says:

    Welcome to SBM Scott! One of the best blogs ever.

  3. Michelle B says:

    Looking forward to Scott’s contributions (very appealing summary of his qualifications). Welcome!

    But how do we know if he is in the pocket of Big Pharma? Lol.

  4. JonA says:

    Yay Scott!! I guess my comment campaign worked. Is this the first SBM blogger that lives in Canada?

  5. Todd W. says:

    Welcome, Scott! Looking forward to your contributions.

  6. Peter Lipson says:

    First Neil Young, then Scott…

    Take that, Canada!

  7. Bogeymama says:

    Wow, congrats Scott! I must say I was suspicious when I saw your post on Science-Based Pharmacy about exciting things happening.

    We went to U of T together, I graduated a year ahead of you, and I share your views. It is alarming how many pharmacists ignore science to remain “open-minded” and neutral. It was my work in Drug Information that opened my eyes, and I think that courses on critial appraisal should be mandated for all students of science, then it would help them better understand and interpret all the bunk that is out there. I look forward to reading your contributions!

  8. daijiyobu says:

    Excellent. I like critics of naturopathy especially.


  9. Saffron says:

    Brilliant news! Welcome, Scott.

  10. Will says:

    I’m curious. How did you learn of Scott Gavura? Was it his National Post editorial from a while back? Or did you just find his blog randomly?

  11. Chris says:

    I knew about him from listening to the Skeptically Speaking radio show/podcast. Since the hosts of that show went to TAM, just like many of the ScienceBasedMedicine blogger, it would seem that there was some networking between both groups (including the blog).

    Just a guess. But many of the same folks appear on various skeptic blogs and podcasts, so they do seem to know each other.

  12. Chris says:

    Oh, and his name was suggested in the comments here:

  13. Peter Lipson says:

    Scott is pretty well-known in the web of skeptical bloggers. It seems that many skeptical bloggers start off as readers of the biggies (like Orac, Novella, etc) and commenters, then realize they can say what they really want on their own blog. Then various cross-linking and networking starts up, email conversations, etc. Lots of folks in the skeptical blogging community know a bit about each other.

  14. jedischooldropout says:

    Very cool.

    I am very happy for my fellow SN blogger, Scott.

    Well deserved. It’s like he was called up to the big show.

    Good luck big-hitter!

    – Kennedy

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