An update on our search for new SBM bloggers

Three and a half weeks ago, Amy Tuteur announced her departure from SBM. Three weeks ago, I announced that we were recruiting new bloggers to replace Amy, to bolster areas of weakness among our bloggers, and expand our repertoire. I thank those of you who have responded.

Given that none of you have heard anything from us other than perhaps an acknowledgment of receiving your application, I thought it reasonable to give a brief update. Due to a combination of the death crud (of which those of you who are my Facebook friends may be aware), a challenging couple of weeks at work, and various other concerns, I haven’t made as much progress in evaluating potential new bloggers as I had hoped. I had hoped that we would have at least been able to start sending out an offer or two by now. All I can ask is: Be patient. And, if you know of any quality bloggers who haven’t been proposed already, please let me know. We are evaluating candidates, and it shouldn’t be long before I start communicating with the top applicants.

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8 thoughts on “An update on our search for new SBM bloggers

  1. You have a gaping hole in your coverage of comic books and medicine; I know someone who might be able to cover that subject for you. :)

  2. (Not me, by the way.)

  3. nitpicking says:

    Karl, I’m pretty sure Scott is a commenter here. He’s probably reading your suggestion right now and being horrified.

  4. TimonT says:

    Thanks for the update.

  5. BillyJoe says:

    This may not be the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but…
    I nominate Maxwell.
    His hammer could come in handy.

  6. moderation says:

    I wish I knew who he was, but there is someone running a channel on Youtube under the pseudonym “c0nc0rdance” who has put together many interesting brief explanatory videos … including one I think I saw referenced in a post here explaining the difference between correlation and causation as it concerns vaccines, as well as one on the British libel laws, the Singh case and chiropractic. I think an occasional video post would be interesting … if you could find out who he (I am going by the sound of his voice) is.

  7. If you have an account, you can communicate with c0nc0rdance through YouTube:

  8. Sorry to use this space as a general comment box, but…

    Just heard an interesting interview with journalist Maryn McKenna on her new book “Superbug” on Fresh Air.

    “journalist Maryn McKenna — tracks the spread of MRSA, the drug-resistant staph infection that seems to outwit every antibiotic thrown at it. McKenna explains how the bacteria has changed over the past 30 years — and how a vaccine may be the only way to stop it.”

    I’d be interested in hearing more about this topic or book from a SBM blogger. If anyone is looking for a topic, that is.

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