Another take on those “50 Facts About Homeopathy”

You may recall that a week ago fellow SBM blogger Mark Crislip did a truly amusing takedown of an article by a homeopath purporting to provide us with 50 Facts About Homeopathy that supposedly validate the efficacy of this most amazing form of quackery. Not surprisingly, others wanted to get in on the fun, given how outrageously ridiculous and riddled with numerous logical fallacies the homeopath’s article was. Indeed, that’s why prominent Australian skeptic Peter Bowditch, whose website The Millenium Project is always an entertaining read (except that, at only once every one or two weeks, its updates are too infrequent) couldn’t resist getting in on the action with his answer to A Homeopathic Challenge.

Unfortunately, by the time he hit “Fact” #25 Peter was laughing so hard that, try as he might, he just couldn’t continue with his deconstruction. He does, however, promise to finish up the list in a future installment.

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5 thoughts on “Another take on those “50 Facts About Homeopathy”

  1. daijiyobu says:

    The homeopaths appear to disagree with skeptical evaluations of their claims!!!

    I.e., in “Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Homeopathy ” (see ) [isn’t that like saying ‘dispelling the myths surrounding mythology’???; AND you may want to be on the toilet bowl before you read this, in case you can’t help…well, you know…laugh to the point of incontinence…],

    homeopath Louise Mclean informs us:

    “[homeopathy is a] highly efficacious healing art and science […] there are thousands of homeopathic medicines which treat every ailment known to man, [it’s] truly the most wonderful science on this planet […and of course] we all have an innate healing power in our bodies. In homeopathy for example, this is called the vital force. Homeopathy stimulates the vital force to heal the body.”


  2. David Gorski says:

    Louise Mclean: The gift that keeps on giving. Too bad I’ve already written this week’s Monday post. Damn. Maybe one of my cobloggers will want to have some fun with this…

  3. overshoot says:

    I’m still waiting for a homeopath to tell us, since homeopathy is evidence-based and all, which homeopathic practices have been abandoned due to being found ineffective or harmful.

  4. skepdude says:

    That was a treasure of logical fallacies alright. That same SBM post got me started on the 50 pieces of gold myself. I have 4 entries up so far with the last and final coming up.

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