Don’t miss our fearless leader…

Steve Novella, who will be featured as the guest on a live chat with Trine Tsouderos discussing alternative treatments for Alzheimer’s, ALS and other neurological conditions at noon CST. Be there, aloha.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t miss our fearless leader…

  1. Dave – you beat me to it, thanks.

    Here is a preview article also (which I include because it is very complimentary)

  2. David Gorski says:

    It’s rather amusing to see Deardorff touting your web chat, although every little bit of publicity helps. I say this because Deardorff has a bit of a reputation for softness when it comes to woo:

    Indeed, Deardorff has appeared at Autism One whining about a certain “friend” of mine:

    So, while it’s great that Deardorff touts Trine Tsouderos when she says she reads NeuroLogica every day, unfortunately Deardorff is the one who really needs a dose of NeuroLogica, SBM, Whitecoat Underground, Respectful Insolence, and other skeptical medical blogs. In any case, a reader just forwarded me these recent Tweets from Deardorff. Tweet #1:

    Looking to interview someone who has used #homeopathy. Please email me at

    Tweet #2:

    Talking with Dr. Josephine Briggs, director of NCCAM today about #homeopathy. Anything you’d like me to ask? #alternativehealth #health


    Perhaps SBM readers should contact Deardorff and suggest that she interview either Steve, Kimball, or myself. :-)

  3. ConspicuousCarl says:

    That went well. Except for that “Marty Murray” weirdo, it was mostly actual real non-crazy people looking for sane answers.

  4. ConspicuousCarl says:

    Who started the use of the word “holistic” as a CAM term? Most of these buzz words have some kind of story behind them, but I can’t find a shady origin story for “holistic” as I can for other categories.

    Wikipedia’s page for “holistic” refers to the main article on “alternative” medicine, and on that page the word is actually used in a sentence (as if it had a clear meaning) to define some other thing:

    “2. Mind-body medicine: takes a holistic approach to health […]”

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