Dr. Joe Albietz joins SBM!

One month ago, I was honored to take part not just in the Science-Based Medicine Conference at TAM 7 in Las Vegas but to be a part of the Anti-Anti-Vax Panel. I was even more honored to be on the same panel as Dr. Joe Albietz, a pediatric intensivist from the University of Colorado who organized a fund-raising drive to benefit the Southern Nevada Health District and contribute to the vaccination of children in a region where the vaccination rate is, unfortunately, low. I’m even more pleased that Dr. Albietz has agreed to join SBM as a regular blogger. Here’s a little bit about Joe:

Joseph Albietz, M.D. is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado, Denver, and The Children’s Hospital. In addition to his service in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, his time is divided between translational research in the field of pediatric pulmonary hypertension and medical education where he acts as the pediatric intensive care associate fellowship director. Dr. Albietz graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and completed his residency training in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric critical care at the University of Colorado, Denver. He is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care.

In addition to writing for Science Based Medicine Dr. Albietz also periodically contributes to the James Randi Educational Foundation’s (JREF) Swift Blog and coordinated JREF’s vaccine drive to benefit the Southern Nevada Health District.

Dr. Albietz’s first blog post is scheduled for Friday, August 21. In the meantime, please welcome him to the fold. He’s a great addition to our crew of bloggers.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Joe Albietz joins SBM!

  1. Noadi says:

    That’s great news! I watched that panel over the video stream and Joe was great. I look forward to reading his posts.

    Everyone involved in the vaccine fund-raising are my heroes right now. My brother and his wife are in the Vegas area with the military and expecting their first baby this fall. I’ve always known vaccination was important but the past few months it’s really been driven home to me how important herd immunity is.

  2. Doazic says:

    Our numbers grow larger! bwahaha!

    BTW, how much did we raise for the JREF vaccine thing?

  3. Todd W. says:

    Welcome, Dr. Albietz! I look forward to reading what you have to say!

  4. Newcoaster says:

    A welcome edition to the SBM fold. I really enjoyed his contributions at the SBM conference.

  5. khan says:


    They raised ~$12,000.

  6. sharonA says:

    Looking forward to many informative and interesting entries! Congratulations to Joe and SBM!

  7. John Snyder says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to TAM7, but I’m looking forward to reading your posts here on SBM. Welcome!

  8. halincoh says:

    Welcome Joe! This is Hal from TAM. I look foward to your stuff.

  9. LindaRosaRN says:

    I was privileged to hear Dr. Albietz speak on vaccination and found him to be a highly engaging and persuasive speaker. He has given me hope that the anti-anti-vax movement will overcome all the fear-mongering and conspiracy nonsense.

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