HIV/AIDS denialists do it too!

Remember my post from Monday about fake scientific conferences organized by the anti-vaccine movement that are designed to paint a picture of legitimate science being done, so much so that they even fool some academics into speaking there? (I realize that the server issues we had from Monday through Wednesday that rendered the site completely FUBAR may have prevented some of you from reading it.)

Well, it turns out that HIV/AIDS denialists do it too!

Why am I not surprised?

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3 thoughts on “HIV/AIDS denialists do it too!

  1. Deetee says:

    Coincidentally I have just posted a blog piece on Layscience about Karri Stokely (the next Christine Maggiore), who is due to speak at this “conference”.

  2. Deetee says:

    Karri Stokely, the next “Christine Maggiore” is due to speak at the conference. How many more of these people will fall prey to the pseudoscience pushed by the Duesbergs, Rasnicks, Bauers et al?

    Karri’s story can be found here:

  3. Deetee says:

    Sorry about the “double post” there – the first comment hadn’t appeared after 45 minutes so I reposted.

    I was interested in looking at the abstracts from the Rethinking Aids conference. The keynote speaker is apparently going to tell us about how “America has become, a closing down of the rational mind, a casting aside of the pursuit of truth and understanding, and their replacement with the almost willful pursuit of ignorance so long as that comports with, and feeds, distressed emotional needs as well as political and economic interests.”

    Now that sounds quite true, and he seems to be describing AIDS denialism off to a tee. Is he at the wrong conference? Has he wandered over here by mistake from a proper scientific venue, one where they were talking rationally about proper science?

    Err, no.
    Seems he is for real. His twisted, paranoid, conspiracy-fuelled mind has the AIDS denialists as the victims here and he seeks to let them reach the high moral ground.

    Where do these guys come from?

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