Homeopathic A & E

I love the British comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, and this is just one reason why. They totally get homeopathy, as this video e-mailed to me by a reader demonstrates:

Pay close attention to the signs in the A & E.

No doubt Dana Ullman will show up to cry foul over how Mitchell and Webb are totally “misrepresenting” homeopathy…

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11 thoughts on “Homeopathic A & E

  1. Canucklehead says:

    Hillarious; thank goodness there are no homeopathic A & Es…….so far.

  2. zeno says:

    Then there’s the one about chiropractic:

  3. clgood says:

    I just sent an email to my employer attempting to convince them to drop CAM from our health plan. I included a lot of links from SBM.

    It’s probably a good thing this link wasn’t up yesterday, or I may have been sore tempted to include it.


  4. Magnus says:

    Chiropractic sketch

  5. The Blind Watchmaker says:


  6. OZDigger says:

    Here is an interesting survey that has been recently done in New Zealand and published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

    I wonder how many of the readers concur with these stats.

    It is concerning the prescribing of pharmaceuticals purely for a placebo effect.

    Where does it leave Science Based Medicine, where the MD’s in New Zealand are having to deal with everyday cases of illness, the demands of patients as well as trying to run a business.

  7. wertys says:

    If you go to the following website you can order genuine homeopathy ‘First Aid Kits’ and a CD-ROM of ‘Homeopathy for Acciedents and Emergencies’ Just goes to show there’s nothing satirists can make up that isn’t already stuoid enough for someone to make money out of.

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