Meet me in St. Louis?

I just thought I’d make a brief announcement that I’m currently in St. Louis attending the annual meeting of the Society of Surgical Oncology. If any of our St. Louis readers are attending the meeting, look me up. I’d be tickled to death to know whether any of my colleagues here are even aware of SBM, much less regular readers. (If no one is aware, though, I’ll be disappointed.) Heck, if you show me your mad skillz at writing and that you share our philosophy, maybe you can even join us as another blogger here!

Also, if anyone’s interested in attempting a meetup, let me know. I’ll be in St. Louis until Sunday morning. It may or may not be possible, given that the SSO meeting fills each day quite nicely and most evenings have something booked, including meeting up with a former postdoc of mine who happens to be at Washington University now, but you never know until you ask. Unfortunately, Saturday night probably out, unless it’s before 7 PM or after 10 PM. My mentor, Dr. Mitch Posner, is the incoming president of the SSO; so I want to go to the Presidential Banquet that evening.

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11 thoughts on “Meet me in St. Louis?

  1. LawnBoy says:

    Well, you have at least one reader in St. Louis. Unfortunately, I can’t relieve your disappointment, because I’ll be out of town this weekend.

    Good luck, and stay away from Imo’s.

  2. cervantes says:

    Will you have time to do a quick colon resection?

  3. seeabell says:

    It’s my home town, but I’m not there. However, if there are just a few of you getting together, I recommend The Chocolate Bar. Then again I recommend all things chocolate…

  4. David Gorski says:

    What’s Imo’s?

  5. Ignore LawnBoy.

    Imo’s is only the greatest pizza ever made, but it’s not for everyone.

    It is St. Louis style pizza at its finest.

  6. aaronstl says:

    Welcome to our city, David. It would be nice to attend the meetup The St. Louis Skeptics are holding in your honor tonight at Jack Patrick’s but sadly I’m booked. If you get a chance check out the Saint Louis Science Center in Forest Park. Feel free to ask for recommendations on anything else to do, too.

    PS – I was a high school classmate of your fellow blogger Joe Albietz. I can dish out the dirt on him if you want. :)

  7. Chewbuddy13 says:

    DO NOT GO TO IMO’S!!!!!

    The fact is Imo’s is one of the nastiest pizza places on Earth, this is a St. Louis conspiracy!!! Don’t believe any of it….I’ve said to much……They’ll be here any minute to get me, run David, run!

  8. aaronstl says:

    There seems to be a growing Imo’s controversy here. I guess I’d better jump in.

    St. Louis has some very unique food. We fry ravioli and drown them in meat sauce. We eat gooey butter cake. We BBQ pork steaks. We have our own cut of ribs. We stand outside and eat Ted Drewes’ frozen yogurt. And we have our own style of pizza.

    Our pizza has extremely thin and crispy crust, a bit of sweetness to the sauce, tons of oregano, and Provel cheese which is like if Velveeta made a version of Provolone, along with the usual toppings. I’ve had great New York style pizza in New York, great Chicago style pizza in Chicago, great margherita pizza in Italy, I’ve eaten pizza in France and Bosnia, too. St. Louis style is nothing like them. Like the rest of St. Louis’ food oddities, and like the city itself, it’s good in it’s own unique way. If you’re looking to try it, the best place to get St. Louis style pizza is Imo’s, the sqauare beyond compare.

  9. BillyJoe says:

    There’s a famous tourism ad by well known comedian Paul Hogan that ends “throw another shrimp on the barbie” (for our overseas tourist – in other words welcome them to Australia].

    Reality check: Australians do not throw shrimps on their barbies! Sausages and steak is the go, wrapped up in a sandwich with loads of tomato sauce (yeah, I know – fortunately, multiculturalism has gradually expanded our gastronomic tastes over the years)

  10. revmatty says:

    If there is to be a pre 7pm event on Saturday, I will be there no matter where it is.

    I will note that Imo’s is definitely a love it or hate it thing. My wife loves it. I like their pasta.

  11. JeffGrigg says:

    See you at Jack Patrick’s!

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