SBM Live Event – April 17th

A panels of bloggers from SBM will be taking part in the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism – NECSS 2010, April 17th beginning 10:00AM in New York.

There will be a 70 minute panel discussion moderated by John Snyder and featuring David Gorski, Kimball Atwood, Val Jones, and myself – Steven Novella. The topic of discussion will be the infiltration of pseudoscience into academic medicine.

This will be part of a full day of science featuring other excellent speakers, including James Randi, D. J. Grothe, Steve Mirsky, George Hrab, and Julia Galef. There will also be a live recording of the wildly popular science podcast, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.

Go to to register.

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3 thoughts on “SBM Live Event – April 17th

  1. Niffer says:

    Wonderful topic! I recently did a talk on so-called integrative medicine and had no trouble finding the integrative med centers or affiliates for most of the universities that I checked. Many of their offerings are healthful (diet, exercise) or, at the least, fairly benign…but generally not more than a click or two away from someone offering homeopathy, energy medicine, or other such non-science. I look forward to it.

  2. Dawn says:

    Darn it! I’m going to be away that weekend. I would have loved to come, see Dave again and meet some of the others. Oh well…maybe next time.

  3. BillyJoe says:

    “including James Randi”

    I hope he doesn’t give his opinon on evolution or climate change. :(

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