Science-Based Medicine Conference

The Science-Based Medicine Conference has begun! Val is Twittering it at:

Check it out at the tags #TAM7 and #SBM.

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6 thoughts on “Science-Based Medicine Conference

  1. Chris says:

    Is someone taking video? Will we see some on the Skeptics Guide to the Universe YouTube channel?

    Otherwise, have fun. I wish I could be there, it is just that our travel budget this year is going to Europe. I did RSVP to our local skeptic’s group gathering later this month that promises to include Dr. Hall.

  2. shadowmouse says:

    What color argyle socks was Dr. Crislip wearing? ;)

  3. David Gorski says:

    No idea. Why would I look at his feet? :-)

  4. Chris says:

    Okay, I caught a little bit of you on the live feed here: (where I am presently watching the setup of George Hrab).

    Unfortunately I had to leave during most of live feed of the panel you were on due to me having to take care of real world work. So I hope I can see more of this on youtube later (or I may have to bite the bullet and buy a TAM DVD!).

    It doesn’t help that my friend, James, is sending me regular emails with pictures. First it was a photo of him with James Randi, and today a couple of pictures with you! And wow… do you and Novella look nerdy. You are my kind of people!

    Give James a big friendly hug for me, he deserves it! Hrab is on NOW!

  5. Newcoaster says:

    SBM was definitely the high point of TAM7 for me.

    I hope this will become a regular event

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