Science-Based Medicine Site Upgrades

Science-Based Medicine Site Upgrades

Hi everyone, I’m Joe Fulgham and I’ll be your webmaster for the evening. I was asked by Steven, David, and Paul to come in and fix up’s web site. Some of you may recognize me from the Caustic Soda podcast, but by day I’m a web consultant.

In addition to a complete makeover and a slight reorganization of content we’re also changing the way you log in to post to the site. I wanted to spell out what the changes are and why we’re making them.

As you may have heard, Science-Based Medicine has had some web-server troubles of late. There was a fairly nasty security breach and recovering from that on a rebuilt server meant a few glitches and some connectivity problems. After a few software upgrades and a lot of tweaking we now have the server running quickly, efficiently, and with greatly increased security. That allows me to finally move forward on the redesign which if not active right now will be very soon.

Redesign is sporting a cutting-edge new layout that’s reminiscent of the previous one but leaner, cleaner and responsive.

If you resize your browser window you’ll note the new design automatically fits to all resolutions and devices. Visitors will no longer see a wildly different “mobile version” on their smartphones vs. desktop browsers vs. tablet devices.

I’ve also taken this time to reduce the visual clutter on the site, pushing a clean, content-focused layout. A lot of the old sidebar information has been moved to links in the menu while important navigation and fundraising sections (support Science-Based Medicine!) remain in the simplified sidebar for posts, while static information pages have enhanced navigation on the left side.

When you’re done reading the content and the sidebar doesn’t have what you need the new footer area has several choices for additional information, from the latest Tweets to Recent Posts and Comments.

For security reasons and to reduce strain on the server we’re changing the way you log in to comment here on We will no longer require a user account, but instead allow logging in with either a, Twitter, or Facebook account. Shortly after changing to this system we’ll be removing the 46,000+ “Subscription” level accounts from the server. Yes, you read that right. Yes, that’s too many for us to administrate, sorry.

I’m also changing the “Permalink” structure of the site to a friendlier version, as well as moving a few pages around within that structure. Old incoming links should auto-redirect to the current address so nothing should become completely broken. If it does, or you see any other errors toss an email to with as much information as you can give me, including relevant URIs, browser, etc.

One more blatant plug, ok? Hi Vancouver Skeptics!

Enjoy the new site!

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100 thoughts on “Science-Based Medicine Site Upgrades

  1. Joe Fulgham says:

    Testing new comment system!

    1. windriven says:

      Joe, my WordPress login name is the same as my SBM but the passwords are different. If I login as windriven how does the software decide if I’m logging in with my SBM password or my WordPress password? Asked differently, when do you anticipate ditching the SBM login entirely?

      1. Joe Fulgham says:

        I’m tweaking some login problems now. The confusion between a local account and account should be cleared up soon. (Edit: Or not. *sigh* Stay tuned.)

        Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get a required login for the new system to work. It should but the theme itself is demanding a local login instead of displaying the form properly.

        I’m working on it.

        Local user accounts will be removed when I’m confident it’s not a huge mistake. Or even a small one. So: “shortly after the new comment system works great”.

  2. elburto says:


    Wish google login could’ve been implemented, as I’ve had to set up yet another gmail address to register yet another (awful) WordPress account, due to the fact that WP names are apparently set in stone.

    1. Joe Fulgham says:

      I’d love a Google login for comments. I’m fairly confident Jetpack will add support for it soon. Google is still working out their API for all their services, though I think I remember a fairly recent announcement about a Google+ Sign-in. Hopefully Jetpack adds that soon.

      1. elburto says:

        that would be excellent, thanks for the tip-off

        Ah. I’ve discovered a glitch. I clicked ‘reply’ to your comment, and above the comment box it says “Leave a reply to Fast Buck Artist“, who was the last person I replied to.*

        Here’s hoping the comment appears in the correct location!

        *Opera Mobile Classic running with the user agent set as Desktop, android phone.

  3. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:

    It says there are three comments, but I only see two.

  4. Fast Buck Artist says:

    Change the webhost while you are at it, 20% of the time the website is down.

    1. Austin Williamson says:

      I’ve never seen the site down, ever. It could be mirroring, or it could be DNS issues with your ISP.

  5. I really like this new design. It is clean, slick and easy on the eyes. The main content is in focus and the font and font size is very readable. The comment system is also very good as I can use my regular WordPress account. The graphics are also very professional.

    Having the links on a separate page will help reduce the clutter a bit, but the side bar might be less informative and the links may get less traffic. Also, the drop down menu for references is very long that half of it does not fit an average screen (media and CAM is the last one that fits for me). Having said that, such a reference section is extremely useful. The drop down menu when you hover over home (to go to the private policy and terms of us) is hard to find and I only found it accidentally. Those two links may be better suited to go under the “About SBM” drop-down.

    All in all, I like the new design a lot. Great job!

  6. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:

    Now it says 4 but I only see 3, and I can’t seem to log in on the archaic browser I’m using on this computer. Plus, I’m testing out the ability to post anonymously but attributing it to “WilliamLawrenceUtridge”. If I can do that, it means we can imitate people in the comments. Which could be fun, but promises long-term problems.


  7. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:

    And now my fake post as FBA is sitting in moderation, but my two fake posts as Chris and me have disappeared.

  8. Bobby Gladd says:

    I like the new look. The old one was fine, but this is easier on the old eyes.

  9. ConspicuousCarl says:

    I get a tiny little box which only shows about 18 words at a time. It doesn’t get any larger than this >< even when I am typing

  10. mrwilson41 says:

    Looks good so far in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari mobile. I have no problem logging in with WordPress. Well done, Joe.

  11. HUGH says:




    1. windriven says:

      Dude, lower your voice.

    2. Joe Fulgham says:

      All the links from the right-column are now at Links while Recent Posts and Recent Comments are now tucked down in the footer underneath the main content.

      On a device with a keyboard you can hit your “End” key to instantly jump to the bottom of a page.

      No information has been removed, it’s just been moved around to allow a better experience reading the content — the main focus of this site. If you found the Links useful, I would suggest opening the Links page in a separate tab so you always have them close-at-hand.

      If you want to make sure you read all the comments, Feed Readers are the absolute best way to keep track of comments on any web site with a Comments RSS feed. Science-Based Medicine’s Comments RSS feed is located at

  12. goodnightirene says:

    How do I post my picture? How do I use a different log in?

  13. Angora Rabbit says:

    Love the look! Gorgeous – congratulations!

    Here’s the problem. As a semi-public figure I am most definitely NOT on Facebook nor Twit nor whatever the other one was. Ah, WordPress. Are you dragging me to join most of the world? (Or am I already on WordPress as Angora Rabbit – honestly I don’t understand how this all works nor do I have particular interest – much too busy with non-Internet life). Some friendly advice about log-ins and identities would be appreciated for the internet-disinterested like me.

    1. windriven says:

      WordPress is the software that SBM and many other blogs run on. It is not a deal like Facebook and Twitter where you are the product, sold cheap to advertisers. You can register there with, I believe, reasonable certainty that doing so will not unleash a torrent of unwanted solicitations.

    2. Joe Fulgham says:

      Twitter or are probably your best bets for keeping yourself private. Twitter itself has publicly denied government demands for private information, if your privacy concerns go that far.

      Neither demands much in the way of real information that must go public, nor do they demand that you actively blog/tweet to keep your account. You can make an account as your online persona with either system and then use it to log in with all the anonymity you require.

      Facebook typically requires a real name. Many avoid this, but it is technically against their policy to use a pseudonym there.

  14. Mary says:


  15. David Gorski says:

    And now my fake post as FBA is sitting in moderation, but my two fake posts as Chris and me have disappeared.

    I don’t know why you felt the need to do this, but please knock it off. It will cause me considerable headaches. I’ve discovered that with the new site design, I will have to approve everyone’s first comment again, as though he had never commented before. After that, each user will be able to comment normally, and his comments will appear immediately, as before. I anticipate that this will be an enormous pain in the rear for me for a couple of weeks and that I will have to be checking the moderation queue frequently.

    Note that your posts as “FBA” and Chris were both appropriately flagged and placed in the moderation queue. I approved them because I was so busy that I didn’t look closely enough at them. That those two comments ever appeared was a human error on my part, not a problem with the new installation, which recognized the comments as being from new commenters and sent them to the moderation queue. Masquerading as other users will not be that easy; your attempt to do so to prove a point only “worked” because I made a mistake. Now that I am aware, I will be looking much more closely at all the comments in the moderation queue, which will likely slow down their appearance.

    Also note that anyone who tries to use sockpuppets will be banned with extreme prejudice. If I’m feeling generous I might give one warning, but then again I might not. That is a longstanding policy of this blog, and it hasn’t changed.

    1. David Gorski says:

      And the person who just tried to post as WilliamLawrenceUtridge, you knock it off too. I deleted your post.

      1. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:

        …that was probably me all three times. My testing was…overly comprehensive. In retrospect, definitely a beans moment on my part, mea culpa. Sorry for the inconvenience, please feel free to delete my initial comments as well.

  16. Karl Withakay says:

    Here’s my Cordial Deconstruction of the new layout:

    I’m not yet a big fan of the redesign. Yes, it was a bit cluttered before and needed some work, but for me, but the new, clean design goes a bit too far and comes at the expense of functionality and utility. Design should always follow function, not the other way around.

    The nested pulldown menus (About SBM, Reference) are awkward to use on a PC, and they’re a nightmare to use on a touch screen.

    Comments are a big part of the content here, but you now have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the list of recent comments, and it only shows the 4 most recent.

    Likewise you have to scroll down to the bottom to see the list of recent posts.

    Anything moved to the very bottom of the page may as well not be there. The bottom of the page is not a good place for current, dynamic content. (Really, the bottom of a long page isn’t a good place to put any meaningful content. It’s a pain to scroll all the way down to the bottom to look for new comments.

    It seems like you realize this to some extent since you’ve made sure to keep the Merchandise section in view in the top part of the page of the page, and you even have those links as individual links instead of a pull down or link to a merchandise page, but that’s essentially static content that repeat visitors don’t necessarily care about that much. I personally want to hit the page and in one glance, see if there are any new comments I might want to check out without scrolling to the bottom of a relatively long page.

    Also, by having a menu/content section at the bottom of the page, you can no longer just hit the end key to get to the bottom of the page to add a comment or see the last comment. In my opinion, that bottom menu area needs to go away, at least on the actual post/article pages.

    Cutting down clutter by cleaning up the links for things like Archives, Categories, etc and turning them into simple pulldowns was a good move.

    My blog site is very far from the best design on the web, but the general layout is relatively clean and functional while keeping all the menus and links in the sidebars within two “page downs” on most monitors. (And there’s no content at the bottom)

    That’s all for now.

    1. windriven says:

      “The nested pulldown menus (About SBM, Reference) are awkward to use on a PC, and they’re a nightmare to use on a touch screen.”

      “Anything moved to the very bottom of the page may as well not be there. The bottom of the page is not a good place for current, dynamic content. (Really, the bottom of a long page isn’t a good place to put any meaningful content. It’s a pain to scroll all the way down to the bottom to look for new comments. ”

      Gawd, I hate to do this after all the tongue-in-cheek about the young whippersnappers with their baggy pants but I emphatically second Karl’s thoughts on these issues. This is not (just) geezerly resistance to change! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, touch screens are here to stay. The iPad 4 can’t be (or has not yet been) hacked to even allow a pirate mouse! :-( Having SBM go to a touch-unfriendly layout is regressive and probably will be endorsed by Andrew Wakefield.

      I do understand that moving the sidebars to the bottom makes for a cleaner read on mobile devices and that is worthy of applause. But isn’t there a better tactic than just shoving it all to the bottom? How about allowing ‘Recent Posts’ and ‘Recent Comments’ to be openable in new tabs? Basically one might then have two SBM tabs open – a nav tab and a content tab.

      1. Joe Fulgham says:

        I could set up a “Recent Comments” page, but technically that already exists as the Comments RSS Feed, which has the advantage of being cacheable by feed-reading systems.

        Therefore, the best solution to this request is to use a Feed Reader like Feedly. Users who want to make sure they see every comment should subscribe to the SBM Comments Feed at

        You’ll never miss a new comment again, and can read them at your leisure all in one big scrollable area.

    2. David Gorski says:

      The nested pulldown menus (About SBM, Reference) are awkward to use on a PC, and they’re a nightmare to use on a touch screen.

      I must admit, I’m a bit puzzled by this remark. I’ve never found nested pulldown menus to be difficult to use on a touch screen device. I have an iPad and an iPhone, and they work just fine for me on these devices.

      1. windriven says:

        Ah, the hands of a surgeon. For those of us with fat fingers animated by a pot or three of coffee, touch screens are a horror and nested pulldowns are either frustrating or hysterically funny – depending on whether you’re touching or watching. I guess it’s time to buy a stylus and switch from coffee to scotch.

      2. Karl Withakay says:

        Well, I’ve now sort of gotten the hang of how these nested pulldowns work on a touchscreen. It’s still a little awkward (like getting the menu to go away when you decide you don’t want to choose anything after checking to see what’s in the menu), but since I’m not likely to use anything in those menus when mobile anyway, it’s not a big deal.

        The location of the recent comments and the whole bottom menu are, by far, the biggest negatives for me.

      3. BillyJoe says:

        Same here. No problem with pull down on my iPad.

  17. Karl Withakay says:

    Interesting. Using my WordPress logon, my name in the comments is no longer hyper-linked to my blog. If I was actually actively maintaining my blog right now, Cordial Deconstruction, I might be a bit disappointed.

  18. Much improved system. Thanks

  19. I’m a guest in your house, rearrange the furniture any way you please. Upgraded site loads blistering fast on dial-up (all 6 of us worldwide appreciate this!).

  20. Chris says:

    I am amused that WLU would pretend to be me.

    I would, however, like to see a “recent comments” list on the sidebar, especially with a nested thread. It is difficult to see how conversations are going.

    1. Chris says:

      Oh, I now see, since after commenting it took me to the top of the page (making it looked like my comment went into the ether), the “recent comments” are at the bottom of this page. Put on side, near top please.

      1. Chris says:

        And… include more than four recent comments. Thank you. (see how I filled it up!)

        1. Joe Fulgham says:

          You cannot be guaranteed to see every comment via a sidebar-include system.

          People who require notification of every comment should use the Comments RSS Feed and a feed reader like Feedly.

          You can also subscribe to the main post feed at and never miss a post either! No more reloading the web site over and over checking for new content! Our webserver will thank you.

          1. Chris says:

            Thanks, I’ll try that.

          2. David Gorski says:

            You cannot be guaranteed to see every comment via a sidebar-include system.

            To be fair, no one expects that he will see every comment via a sidebar system. That’s not how most people use it, anyway. Most people use the sidebar recent comments list as a quick and dirty means of seeing whether there are new comments and which comment threads are active.

          3. windriven says:

            Hi Chris- Where is the meeting this month and what time? I have a crappy morning tomorrow but if I can get out at a reasonable time I could certainly use some decompression. A skeptics meetup should be perfect!

        2. windriven says:

          Agreed, Chris. Four comments aren’t enough. Often there are comments in play on several posts. It is useful to be able to follow the traffic.

          1. Chris says:

            Someday we will meet. Hopefully at a local skeptics meetup (next Tuesday!), and not in a fender bender.

          2. Chris says:

            Why are all of my comments going into moderation?

  21. weing says:

    Let’s see if this works.

  22. Carl says:

    I don’t care for all of this crap which bounces around when I click on stuff or move my mouse cursor.

    And now that the website thinks its adapted mobile formatting is all-holy-perfect, I don’t get an option to switch back to a full-screen version.

    1. Carl says:

      Sorry, I was already a bit cranky today and then on top of it all something on the Internet changed.

  23. Jeremy Praay says:

    FWIW, I like the functionality of the new system, although I’m not sure I like the layout. The comment section is too “spread out” vertically, and there is a tremendous amount of white-space. it’s not awful, but I would prefer a comment section that does not limit the horizontal display of the text quite so severely.

    1. Joe Fulgham says:

      I actually agree completely. There’ll be some CSS tweaking coming shortly to make things look a little better. This was a major push to get the “big stuff” changed, and now that it’s live we can work from this base to a better and better site.

      1. Nick Theodorakis says:

        Both the line-height and paragraph spacing seem a little big for my taste. I would also feel more comfortable reading a slightly darker text. Otherwise, nice job!

      2. Narad says:

        There’ll be some CSS tweaking coming shortly to make things look a little better.

        Might want to get it to validate, as well. (Mutatis mutandis the HTML.)

      3. Narad says:

        Thinking back on Hugh’s all-caps comment, I’d also note that back when I was a serious radio hobbyist, I would often take this sort of thing, if it had a nugget of sense (as Hugh did), as a reminder that many of my fellow hobbyists are visually impaired. The WAVE accessibility check is here (note the 82 “very low contrast” errors); there are others validators out there.

  24. altissima says:

    Testing, testing…

  25. windriven says:

    Wait a couple of years, Nick. The large font and spacious spacing will be much appreciated. I can actually read the text without my reading glasses – even on my iPad.

    1. Nick Theodorakis says:

      @windriven, I’m of a “certain age” too (have bifocals) and appreciate easy readability (which is why I suggested more contrast on the text color), and I too think the font size is fine (well, for me, it’s always fine because I enforce a minimum text size in Firefox), but it seems to me that decreasing the line spacing will make extended reading seem more natural without decreasing legibility.

  26. mho says:

    When I do command + on my Mac in safari, the header gets bigger and the text rewraps, the leave-a-comment box gets bigger, but the comments themselves and the body of the text do not.

  27. Narad says:

    Local user accounts will be removed when I’m confident it’s not a huge mistake.

    I suppose I will, as well. BTW, the comment box as it appears on an old Firefox is absurdly small.

    It’s probably been said already, but if one were looking for improvments, that “preview” thing seems to be popular.

    1. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:

      Seconded, a comments preview would be the best thing ever. My mea culpa is unitalicized and it’s like an open sore.

      1. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:

        Ha! Italics victory!

  28. Narad says:

    BTW, what’s that sans titling font? I just skimmed Bringhurst, and the closest example of a noticeably levitating square mark over an ‘i’ was Lucida.

    1. Joe Fulgham says:

      The entire site is in Google’s beautiful-and-free Open Sans. I’m a big fan and it’s the recommended font for this theme.

  29. IMO, the “threaded” commenting system really breaks the page – leaving lots of white space and vertically squeezed text. Also its hard to follow who commented last. Cant see the value of threaded comments, I remember when Yahoo switched their messageboard to threads, half of the community left and went to a different board just to get away from the dreaded threads.

    1. elburto says:

      Don’t let the door hit you too hard on the way out, Stan.

  30. altissima says:

    Thanks, Joe. It looks great. I even like the amount of white space in the comment section. And I’m very happy that JavaScript is not required to use the site or see / make comments.

    I’m curious, though: as far as I know I don’t have a login and I know I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress login with the email I used; I just typed in my email address, added a name, and posted a comment. So does this mean logging in is not necessary? (Or maybe I can post a comment but the system won’t recognize me as a previous commenter and Dr. Gorski will have to let me out of moderation again. If so, I’m sorry for the nuisance.)

    1. windriven says:

      I suspect that you do have a SBM login; that e-mail plus name sequence is, as I remember it, how one used to get an SBM account.

  31. altissima says:

    Nope, I see it recognizes me as a previous commenter.

  32. Narad says:

    Anything moved to the very bottom of the page may as well not be there.

    I’ll second this notion, now that I’ve managed to block enough of the script cruft to not beachball the machine.

  33. Narad says:

    The entire site is in Google’s beautiful-and-free Open Sans. I’m a big fan and it’s the recommended font for this theme.

    Um, OK. How would you characterize the relationship between what is essentially an Art Deco face and the nature of SBM’s content?

  34. Chris says:

    Okay, so it seems that basic HTML italics don’t work. Now I have to check for blockquote. Yes, I see that Narad has used them, but he has special computer typesetting powers, and when he has tried to explain what it does: to me it was indistinguishable from magic.

    This is my test

    1. Chris says:

      Ooh, it worked! (though I ended up in moderation!) Let me try a couple of other things, just in case the font does not even have an italic version:



      1. Chris says:

        Well, bold works. Barely. Why does this hate me?

        1. Chris says:

          Woot! I found the em element! (emphasized text) Thank you Google!

          Let me try strong.

  35. Chris says:

    Why are all of my comments going into moderation now? They went through just fine yesterday. Is it confusion between my SBM wordpress account, and my other wordpress account?

  36. One thing we could learn from CAMsters is how to make an aesthetically pleasing website.

  37. Minion of Draconis says:

    Much better. As a fellow designer, I salute your changes. Any chance of getting previews and edits?

  38. Narad says:

    As a fellow designer, I salute your changes.

    Then perhaps you could explain the rationale for using medium-gray text on a white background for a site with high-S/N content.

  39. weing says:

    Any chance of having the recent comments section appearing near the top of the page and not the bottom?

    1. David Gorski says:

      We’ve been discussing this, as the loss of the sidebar with comments appears to be the least popular change in the new template.

      1. IMHO,
        the good:
        1. Font and color scheme easier to read
        2. The twitter roll (would move it to the side though)
        3. The site uptime seems better (not sure if it has anything to do with recent update)

        the bad:
        1. Threaded comments
        2. 5 recent posts down the bottom (was 10 recent posts on the side)
        3. 5 recent comments down the bottom (was 10 recent comments on the side)
        4. Fixed-width main content area. I have a 24 inch screen, and most of it is white space while viewing, with all the content squeezed in vertically down the middle.

  40. Kate says:

    The responsive was fairly well executed, but there are a couple of issues I noticed.

    1. From the smallest pixel width until about 615 wide, the blog comments are wider than the screen. Users have to move the site to read the right portion of comments, particularly when they are in threads.

    2. The “Categories” and “Archive” menus could do with being higher up in the semantic hierarchy. I’d recommend having a “Menu” area that expands when on phone sizes, like this site: (my office redesigned that website, so I’m familiar with the challenge of responsive).

    3. The hover menus for “About SBM” and “Reference” are challenging to interact with.

    Other than that, well done.

    1. pmoran says:

      Others have probably already made the point that the most commonly accessed listings (at least for me), those of “recent posts” and “recent comments”, are not visible upon site entry and take a little finding.

  41. Chris says:

    What do I have to do to not automatically end up in moderation? I assume I am not the only one. I find it annoying, and I assume it is annoying the moderators.

    1. David Gorski says:

      I have no idea what the problem is. I’m not a WordPress guy. Why not e-mail Paul Ingraham?

      1. Chris says:

        Not Joe Fulgham? Your team hierarchy is a mystery. Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.

        1. Chris says:

          Oh, yeah. The “Contact us” link is well hidden at the top of the page. I got it now. Well, it is in tiny print, and I actually looked down below. It is all there, with Paul Ingraham being the point guy for “glitches.” He has been emailed.

  42. anoopbal says:

    hey joe,

    I am surprised you didn’t try ‘Disqus’ for the commenting module. All the major new sites like CNN, The telegraph uses Disqus. And it is free too. and has plenty of features like “likes”, sort by likes and such

    1. Chris says:

      Oh, please not Disqus! It sometimes acts very flaky.

      1. anoopbal says:

        If CNN and most popular sites use it who gets 100 times more comments than here uses it fine, then I think ‘shaky’ is fine..

  43. Ufo says:

    I gave the new style a while to sink it but I really don’t like it. The logo is just too much. I don’t feel comfortable linking articles from a site that looks so amateurish. If you want a change, please consider another option for the overall look.



  44. Jason Bosch says:

    Hi. I’ve been using the old feed as a live bookmark until it stopped working this week. I tried adding the new feed as in your post but that also fails to load. Hi. I’ve been using the old feed ( as a live bookmark in Firefox until it stopped working this week. I tried adding the new feed as in your post ( but that also fails to load. I also checked the main page but wasn’t able to find a link there to an RSS feed. I tried clicking on the follow button but that just took me to a blank, white page. Have I maybe got the wrong feed address?

    1. Joe Fulgham says:

      I checked the feed with the W3 Validator and it turned out one of our posts had two illegal characters in it that was causing it to not validate. I’ve removed those characters and the feed now validates perfectly. is the proper feed URL.

      1. Jason Bosch says:

        Thank you, it’s working now. I see I mistyped my first message, sorry about that.

      2. David Gorski says:

        Out of curiosity, what post was it, and what characters were they?

  45. daedalus2u says:

    I find that if I put more than 2 lines into a comment, I cannot post it. I am using firefox. The “post comment” button gets displaced out of the box.

    1. Chris says:

      Hit the tab button. Then all is okay.

  46. Rick Down says:

    new look? looks great

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