Skepticamp: Invading the Great White North on October 23


Are you frustrated by the prevalence of pseudoscience in medicine? Are you interested in critical thinking and science? Is SBM your rational refuge?  Want to meet like-minded science advocates? On October 23, 2010 four Skepticamps will take place across Canada. If you enjoy reading this blog, you’ll probably enjoy Skepticamp.

Happily, Skepticamp involves no actual camping. It’s a flexibly organized, collaborative conference on science and critical thinking. Skepticamp is not your typical medical conference with high fees, bad PowerPoint, long talks and little interaction with speakers. Skepticamps are open, collaborative, interactive, and FREE.

Here are the four events, and a few of the SBM-related highlights.

  • Vancouver: ear candling; dopamine as an explanatory model for superstition; and SBM copy editor Paul Ingraham speaking about his first year as an alternative medicine apostate.
  • Winnipeg: fad diets and detoxes; homeopathy; and the continued relevance of vaccinations
  • Ottawa: self-help cults; genes and inherited diseases; science denial; and forensic science
  • Toronto: I’ll be speaking about natural health product regulation. Other talks include a guide to the medical literature; the cognitive underpinnings of sympathetic magic; and naturopathy.

If there’s one near you, consider attending Skepticamp on October 23. Given it’s free, Skepticamp offers tremendous value-for-money. We invite our American colleagues to grab their passports, make a break for the border, and keep driving until there are Tim Hortons everywhere. And if you’re attending the Toronto Skepticamp, be sure to  say hello.

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4 thoughts on “Skepticamp: Invading the Great White North on October 23

  1. ReedE says:

    I cannot resist mentioning that SBM blogger Joe Albietz has an important tie to SkeptiCamp. The very first experimental SkeptiCamp event in Denver in August of 2007 was Joe’s first skeptic event.

    In March 2008 at our second event (also in Colorado) Joe gave an awesome talk on the value of immunization which led to him getting involved with Phil Plait and the JREF in fighting anti-vax and providing the vaccination clinic at TAM7.

    As I often say, we skeptics have little idea of the value that resides in our own communities, but with tools like the open conference model of SkeptiCamp, we have a new way to find such value where it exists.

  2. JamieGeek says:

    But I don’t live in Canada and there *are* Tim Hortons everywhere! (I count at least 3 within a 5 mile radius from my house).

    Ok yes I live near Windsor, just across the border (yes there are Tim Hortons all over the place in the Detroit, MI area).

  3. Geekoid says:

    You wouldn’t want to slip on down to Portland OR., would you? We got lots of Woo.

  4. noophy says:

    Any chance to include Alberta into this? Canada is a pretty big country, and The Peg and Van are not that easy to get to…

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