106 thoughts on “Write for Oprah? Wrong for Me

  1. E says:

    Dr Benway,

    I think your perception (and maybe moderation skill) is a bit off. Plus, what I said has been known over the course of the last year, since the book I referred to first came out. I know what I speak.

    “If someone were to email me questions related to my area of expertise, I would likely answer them. *shrugs*”

    Really? What if that someone was Gary Null or Mike Adams? How about Kevin Trudeau? Would you likely answer him too? I doubt it; and doubt Harriet Hall would either.

    Mary Shomon, Gary Null, Mike Adams, and Kevin Trudeau are of the same ilk. They each make money marketing nonsense medical information by way of suggestion, diversion, and innuendo.

  2. E says:

    There is one thing I admire about Oprah Winfrey and company – they’ve never taken Mary Shomon seriously.

  3. squirrelelite says:


    I think your persistence in coming back to revisit the issue speaks louder of your intentions than information about how long the book has been out.

    Even if Mary Shomon had attracted sufficient notoriety to make it onto some putative “do not talk” list along with the others you mention, it is still possible to obtain quote material and even filmed interviews under false pretenses.

    Just ask P.Z. Myers.

  4. Dr Benway says:

    Oprah is puzzle to me. She’s not stupid or gullible and she didn’t promote nonsense earlier in her career.

    Recently the “Anonymous is a pedophile network” meme has resurfaced among law enforcement.

    Oprah first popularized the idea of a link between the Internet Hate Machine and pedophilia in Sept 2008. She warned parents of an organized pedophile network with “over 9000 penises that are raping children,” referencing a troll post on her message board. Lulz here.

    I think this YouTube commenter might be on to something: “I don’t believe she is ignorant – I believe she may have disclosed info to Scientology that cannot be made public.”

    But who knows?

  5. E says:

    Not expecting anything here but….

    Not long ago, I contacted a major media outlet after continuously observing them bending and making irresponsible exceptions when it came to Mary Shomon and all her misinformation regarding thyroid disease. An email exchange got to where one person all but accused me of making up lies about some facts because they contradicted what Mary Shomon was saying. I left it with the suggestion to look past the popularity aspect and read into what I was talking about.

    At some point, the “big boss” sent me an email saying he looked into everything and concluded that I had indeed made my case.

  6. MightyUnicorn says:

    Harriet, I never understood how you did it in the first place. You must have been tortured over whether to participate in the Oprah Empire’s cataclysmic shitstorm of disinformation dispensation.

    I was thinking that your writing for Oprah’s magazine must have been as torturous as if Uri Gellar put out “U!” magazine and asked Ray Hyman to write a column. Argh.

    I’m glad for you that it’s over, too. The idea that someone of your experience, expertise and talents would be put in the place of pooh-poohed token skeptic is totally unacceptable.

    Good for you!


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