Paul Ingraham – Assistant Editor

Paul-Ingraham-pro-version1-4x4Paul Ingraham is a writer and former massage therapist in Vancouver, Canada. He is a rare alternative medicine apostate: frustrated by pseudoscientific baggage in the massage profession, he quit to write full-time. He now makes a living publishing science-based self-help website about aches and pains ( Many of his skeptical articles have been prominent in Google search results for many years now, such as his review of Traumeel (the best-selling of all homeopathic products) and his debunking of stretching. His e-books are still the only skeptical self-help guides available for common injuries like runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.

Paul has been wearing many hats at SBM since meeting Drs. Gorski and Novella at TAM in 2009. His job description is “whatever saves Dave and Steve some time,” but he particularly works with contributors to help them get posts ready for the spotlight. If in doubt about who to contact at SBM, please start with him (


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