A little Swedish interlude

I’ve been remiss in not mentioning this; so I’ll try to make up for it now. Recently, I did an interview on the Skeptikerpodden, a Swedish podcast. Unless you speak Swedish, you won’t understand much else of the podcast, but don’t worry. I don’t speak Swedish either, which is why my interview is in English. It starts at around the 44:00 mark.

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4 thoughts on “A little Swedish interlude

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe I’ll have my daughter listen to it. She just finished her second quarter of college Swedish. :-)

  2. DevoutCatalyst says:

    What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than listening to a glorious Gorskiintervjun ! Move aside, Crislip, the world needs more David Gorski.

  3. ladentduchat says:

    Contrarily, the world needs more Mark Crislip! And, in fact, the Swedish podcast Skeptikerpodden already knew this and thus featured Crislip about a year ago (Feb 8 2012). For those of you who do not speak my mother-tongue, the interview is carried out in English.

    Time to set the polar bear trap.

  4. DevoutCatalyst says:

    Tack! I’ll see your Crislip interview and raise you one,

    Isbjörn? Isbjörnar är väl också människor…

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