Submission Guidelines

Anyone is welcome to submit content to, regardless of credentials. We’ll publish anything we think is interesting, appropriate, and scientifically accurate. The editorial staff looks at all promising submissions: an informal peer-review process.

Submit your article by email directly to David Gorski ([email protected]), the managing editor. If he thinks it’s got any potential, he’ll distribute it to the editorial staff for further consideration.

If in doubt about whether your submission is appropriate, you can submit article more casually to the Assistant Editor, Paul Ingraham ([email protected]). He can advise you on whether it’s right or ready for “real” submission.

Be relevant

Like all publications, SBM gets quite a few irrelevant submissions. We urge you to read our content before submitting. It’s amazing and amusing how many apparently earnest submissions we receive from people that are not only wrong for, but actually at odds with our values: pitches from CAM practitioners looking to promote their practice, for instance. Please don’t waste our time or yours.

Style guidelines

We have no firm style guidelines. Being a blog, there’s a lot of flexibility, and room for personality and humour. The main requirement is intellectual rigour: make a well-reasoned, science-based point about health care, and it has a good chance of being published.

You’ll get extra points for good scholarship and referencing, but it’s not necessarily required, depending what you’re writing about.

Most relevant posts that don’t make the cut are rejected for generally poor quality of writing and/or thinking.


We publish only original content. Guest contributors are welcome to re-publish elsewhere after articles have been available on SBM exclusively for one week.

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