KA at U Minnesota and Michigan State

I’ll be giving a talk, “Homeopathy and Skepticism,” to skeptical students this Thursday, Oct 27, at the University of Minnesota (7:00 PM at MCB 3-120) and this Friday, Oct. 28, at Michigan State University (7:00 PM at Holmes Hall 106). Here is the abstract:

Homeopathy is an extraordinary popular delusion that has persisted for more than 200 years. It is now a mainstay of “complementary and alternative medicine” in spite of longstanding, definitive scientific refutations. It is of particular interest to skeptics because its history evokes fundamental concepts such as sympathetic magic, Ockham’s razor, and Hume’s Maxim, and major historical figures such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., and Hume himself.

Show up in Halloween costume if you like; I may do that myself.


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8 thoughts on “KA at U Minnesota and Michigan State

  1. LovleAnjel says:

    How would one dress as “homeopathy”? A robe covered in H2O? An invisibility cloak?

  2. daijiyobu says:

    How bizarre…

    Just now I’m reading and indexing the web pages of Leila Turner ND (SCNM 2007) of Arizona, “adjunct faculty at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine”, who tells the world [vsc 2011-10-25]:

    “homeopathy is the scientific application of the Law of Similars often referred to as like cures like […it’s] a gentle yet effective way to cure illness […] a remarkable, yet sadly under-utilized, therapy that stimulates our natural ability to heal and recover from illness”

    (see )

    “naturopathic medicine is a scientifically proven and time-tested system of healthcare […that is] continually reexamined in the light of scientific advances […and based on] objective observation [including its homeopathy]”


    and that “homeopathic medicines, when properly prescribed, affect the body’s ‘vital force’ and strengthen its innate ability to heal […and it is] powerful” (see ).

    On her bio., she tells us: “her homeopathic training has been with some of the foremost homeopathic experts such as Dr Stephen Messer, ND, Dr Eric Udell, ND, and Dr Danite Haller, ND, in Arizona and Dr Andre Sainé ND.”

    Those pages my be useful eye candy for the talk.

    Licensed falsehood in action commercially and adjunctively!!!


  3. Are there tickets? Do we have to register or do we just show up? (MSU specifically)

  4. Ziggy66 says:

    Cool, I had probably half of all my college classes in Holmes 106.

  5. Do we have to register or do we just show up? (MSU specifically)

    I think that you can just show up, but you should probably check with the authorities. Here are links to the announcements:

  6. squirrelelite says:

    Keep up the good work, Kimball!

    Wish I could be there.

    I was in Lyman Briggs College and took a few classes in Holmes 106.

    It’s a long way from New Mexico, though.

  7. WilliamLawrenceUtridge says:


    How would one dress as “homeopathy”? A robe covered in H2O? An invisibility cloak?

    May I suggest a toilet?

  8. daedalus2u says:

    Kind of appropriate, talking about magic just before Halloween.

    Since homeopathy is magic, just like reiki is magic, do Christians feel the homeopathy is from the Devil the way Catholics feel reiki is? Doing a little google searching, it turns out that homeopathy is considered an occult practice and so comes from the Devil, not from God.

    This blog lays out the case quite clearly, and with references.

    It seems pretty clear that homeopathy is not given or sanctioned by the Christian God, and so is directly opposed to His teachings. We know there is no scientific basis for homeopathy, it can only have effects mediated through magic. If that is not magic from Christian spirituality, it can only be black magic from the Devil.

    Treating yourself with black magic from the Devil and letting yourself be affected by that Devil derived black magic is supposed to be beneficial?

    I suggest you dress as the Devil, because that is who homeopaths are channeling when they do homeopathy.

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