104 thoughts on “The Weekly Waluation of the Weasel Words of Woo #8

  1. Mojo says:

    # David Gorski:

    “You do realize, don’t you, that AntiVax in a way is Scopie’s Law in the flesh because he’s John Scudamore himself, the man responsible for constructing and maintaining”

    Actually, I hadn’t. One person copying and pasting nonsense looks much like another, I suppose.

    I’m wondering whether any (or indeed all) of the copy-and-paste merchants in the comments to the following article is in fact “Harun Yahya”:

  2. raygee says:

    I am apalled that seniors of so-called of “Science Based Medicine” should indulge in taking the words of those struggling to find some help for problems uncured by SBM in such disdain and pouring scorn upon them. These people are trying, in their own way, to find help for the problems to which SBM has no effective answers.

    It is all very twell o belabour such folk from from the lofty heights of professional medicine, in a sort of “Doctor knows best” tone, when unsolved, and often unrecognised troubles afflict the population, and they are treated as just hearsay, or better ways of dealing with them fall foul of research groups’ industry funding masters sales prospects, or of the eminence of academia involved in the matter.

    There are several instances of this kind known to me. Take blood pressure control as a typical item. Raised pressure is said to result from, Resistance, Volume, or Viscosity. Seldom is heart pumping ability mentioned. From middle life onwards, the heart muscle mitochondria can become deficient in those things necessary to complete the Krebs cycle in them, CoQ10 and Carnitine, and supplementation of these vital substances can make some medication un-necessary. This overcomes the problem which an Emergency doctor was heard to remark “They give old ladies blood pressure medications, and they fall over!” I have experienced this effect myself, and know many others who have similar experiences. The anti hypertensive drugs are just that, and they carry on lowering the BP when it is already too low. Q10 normalises the heart action, removing back pressure on the returning blood flow. This is a well known treatment in Tyler, Texas, but no funding is likely to be made available to carry out an expensive RCT upon it, the profits would be too small, and other more expensive treatments found redundant.

    A very elderly lady, whom I know, has suffered giddiness from
    BP meds for a long time, and has recently had arrythmia problems, for which the standard treatment of Beta blockers was given, they have taken away most of her strength, and her legs have swollen. SBD medicine does is not aware that such drugs reduce the production of CoQ10, worsening heart muscle energy supply, improving one symptom, but causing others and weakening heart action. Q10 has been found to work for arrythmia, but it’s a supplement, “Horrors, alternative medicine”, I hear the cry. I have two other friends on beta blockers, both feeling the side effects, and weakening all the time.

    ME/CFS is another case in point, jealously guarded by Psychiatry as within its province. This is just as bad as in your tirade against the breast cancer lady, which portrays mental attitudes as foolishness. what is the difference? ME/CFS all in the mind?? A doctor writing in the BMJ had found Chladymia pneumoniae within cells in the bodies of such patients, difficult to eradicate, but persistent use of different anti-biotics would cure it. This fits in well with the circumstances of viral attacks preceeding the onset, and as the C.Pn takes away energy from the cell’s mitochondria to maintain itself, this fact explains the weakness such folk endure. But what is a physician doing trespassing on other peoples’ territory??

    Post polio, the late effects endured by many, myself included, is claimed by Neurology, in fact some at the Mayo Clinic issued a paper saying it does not exist, because neurological tests could not measure any effect. I wrote to them saying that they were looking in the wrong place, it was a neuro problem originally, years ago, but muscular changes have turned it into a problem with the metabolism, causing a deficiency of Carnitine, so that dreaded word Supplementation comes into play again, and yields very useful improvement, stopping further muscle wastage.

    Finally, statin damage, again hearsay to SBM, falls into the cracks between specialisms, cardiology and vascular medicine taking little notice of effects outside the body’s plumbing system. One can almost hear the remark, “those effects (if they even exist) are nothing to do with us, rheumatologists and suchlike must take care of them”.

    So SBM protagonists, truly Science Based Medicine must be your goal, but all knowledge must be taken into account on any problem, not just that in the hands of those with commercial or career interests in one element of it, and no resting upon laurels can be permitted until all those problems which beset folk have real answers, with only tolerable, if any, side effects and then, and only then, will complementary medicine become redundant.

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