When what to my wondering eyes should appear….

…but an actual pro-science post at The Huffington Post in which the blogger, Jacob Dickerman, actually correctly describes why homeopathy is quackery! For instance:

Homeopaths will tell us that water has a memory. That it vibrates in a certain way and thus knows exactly what the homeopath put into it. The thing is, if Hahnemann is somehow right about homeopathy, then it doesn’t only fly in the face of all those sciences I listed above (physiology, physics, chemistry, germ theory, hydro-dynamics), it flies in the face of public safety. Because the Florine in our water will have less of an effect than the 65-million year old dinosaur feces that have been naturally distilled for millennia. They say that it has no side effects, and they’re right. What they don’t say is that it doesn’t have any primary effects either.

I still can’t believe I’m reading HuffPo after my prolonged screed yesterday about all the psuedoscience that’s appeared in Arianna Huffington’s little project since its inception in 2005. Best to head on over there before Patricia Fitzgerald, the homeopath who’s the new “Wellness Editor” at HuffPo finds out.

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11 thoughts on “When what to my wondering eyes should appear….

  1. Canucklehead says:

    Wow, an amazingly smart article in Huffpo, who would have thought. I’m a little over awed.

  2. DrBadger says:

    Maybe both sides of the political spectrum attacking them for embracing pseudoscience actually caused them to change their minds. I fear the reaction loyal huffpo readers will have (or at least those that have been supporting their foray into woo).

  3. The author is a skeptic and member of the New York Area Skeptics. The comments I saw earlier were of the “it’s about time, I had almost given up on the HuffPo” sort.

    We will see how the editor reacts.

  4. The Blind Watchmaker says:

    I was going to leave comment, but they said my user name wasn’t valid. Sorry, don’t want to change it.

    I see PalMD left a comment. Great.

  5. David Gorski says:

    We will see how the editor reacts.

    I already know somewhat how the editor has reacted, but, alas, I cannot say.

  6. Esattezza says:

    David, that’s just infuriating. You could have just not said anything.

  7. superdave says:

    it’s a bit surreal to be reading an article on a website and recognizing peoples screen names in the comments. What a small world the internet makes.

  8. storkdok says:

    I can’t believe I actually got a comment published on HuffPoo. David, that is mean, teasing us that way! Will you be able to share the reaction in the future?

  9. caoimh says:

    To be fair to Mr. Dickerson, it seems that he has been writing pro-science articles on HuffPo since March 11

  10. Maybe both sides of the political spectrum attacking them for embracing pseudoscience actually caused them to change their minds.

    Alas, probably not. If that were the case, the editors ought to damn well state as much in an editorial. More likely is that HuffPo decided to introduce ‘balance,’ as in: “Some scientists think that the money found under a child’s pillow the morning after he loses a tooth was placed there by the Tooth Fairy; others feel that the evidence is not yet strong enough to warrant a firm conclusion.” (No slight of Dickerman intended, of course–he wrote a good piece).

  11. JeffFlanagan says:

    Let them know how pleased you are to see an accurate science article. People tend to respond better to praise than being told they’re publishing nonsense.

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