You Get What You Pay For

I will be giving a free talk entitled Acupuncture: A Science-Based Evaluation of a Popular SCAM to the Bay Area Skeptics on Wednesday, October 2 at 7:30 pm.

Information at the Bay Area Skeptics site on how to get to the La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley.

A wonderful time will be had by all. Well, those who drink first.

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8 thoughts on “You Get What You Pay For

  1. DevoutCatalyst says:

    I hope someone will post a video. Clip a mike to Mark so we can get some good good sound. I need more Mark Crislip and need it now !

  2. Ben Griffel says:

    You guys must comment on this piece in the new york times. It begs for a take down. I did my best on my own blog.

    1. davidrlogan says:

      Hey Ben,

      I checked out your blog…nice post! You are super reasonable and I like the concern for animals that you offer. I would comment there but required yet another Google ID! (Google please don’t strike me down.)

  3. davidrlogan says:

    Thanks, Dr. Crislip…and I second the request for a video…if you take the trouble to post one I will take the trouble to like it and then mindlessly comment and thumbs-up other comments…

  4. Jerry Schwarz says:

    The BAS website hasn’t announced the talk. I’ll give it a little publicity in my meetup and at tomorrows R4R meeting.

  5. DevoutCatalyst says:

    So, how did it go ? Will there be video ?

  6. Mark A Crislip says:

    It went well from my perspective. No one dozed off. No recording.

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